Tuesday, June 19, 2012

High heat & humidity warning

A spectacular night shot from a CNN viewer of fierce wildfires burning across northern Colorado where temperatures have been near 100F.
The intense heat that has been affecting the southern and southwest US is spreading north and east across the Ohio Valley and into southern Ontario and Quebec today. The combination of very warm temperatures and stifling humidity will make it dangerous for outdoor activities. Health officials have issued warnings in all three big east cities today including Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal metro areas. Temperatures will hold down today as a result of cloud cover, showers & thunderstorms. They are however expected to soar into the mid 30's on Wednesday and Thursday with humidex reading into the low 40's. The heat will push the mercury close to 37C (100F) in places like New York, Philadelphia and Washington. Health officials up and down the east coast are warning people to limit outdoor activities where possible, drink lots of water and seek A/C often to help lower body temperatures. My method of choice has always been a Corona by the Atlantic but short of that I guess I will have to settle for by air conditioned office.

The record high for Montreal today is 33.1C set in 2001. We will not hit that today as clouds are increasing and some showers and storms are moving across eastern Ontario this morning. We may have a shot at that or higher on Wednesday. Nighttime lows will stay very warm in Montreal remaining in the low to mid 20's in the city center. Relief will come by Friday as a cold front approaches the area.

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