Monday, June 04, 2012

Unsettled start to week

High surf  covers the beach and crashes along the seawall in North Hampton Beach, N.H. on Friday evening. (ValleyWX Pic)
Well it is back to the regular routine this morning, blogging from the not as picturesque L'Ile Perrot. It was a great visit to the New Hampshire Seacoast with decent weather for late May. What a joy to climb Mount Washington last Sunday and visit the top of New England. The peak has been the focus for lots of wild weather over the years including 200 mph plus winds on numerous occasions.

Today we are looking at more showery weather here in southern Quebec and extending into eastern Ontario and New England. Stubborn low pressure continues to spin east of Cape Cod feeding the area with a cool northeast marine air mass. We lucked out yesterday in Montreal with gusty showers all around us, but here in the city mostly sunny and mild most of the day. We are not so lucky this morning as the temperature is a very chilly 11C with a gusty northeast wind to 25km/h. Those winds will increase in the St. Lawrence Valley to between 30 and 50km/h today. So it will be cool and showery most of the day with highs no better than 16C. The good news is we should have a gradual warming trend by the end of the week with much warmer summer type weather by next weekend.

Over this past weekend, very heavy rain fell across portions of New England, primarily Maine and New Hampshire, areas that were already affected by major flooding last week. As much as 2 to 3 inches of rain soaked the area. Trust me it was raining hard, I drove home in it on Saturday. In addition the rain that coastal system has caused flooding and high surf from Massachusetts all the way northeast into Newfoundland including coastal areas of eastern Quebec. Watches and warnings are in place.

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