Friday, February 26, 2010

100km/h Winds

Damage in Montreal this morning (Pic J. Elman)

Heavy snow cut power across New England, including in New Hampshire shown above.
(The Baltimore Sun)

With thunderous noise, high winds moved into the St. Lawrence Valley after midnight last night. They gusted over 90km/h in Montreal and up to 100km/h in the Quebec City area. High Wind Warnings are flying up and down the St. Lawrence Valley from Brockville to east of Quebec City. The winds have brought down tree limbs and power lines, and as of 8am Hydro Quebec is reporting 106,000 homes without power in the province.

Strong low pressure will very slowly fill over southeastern New York today, but not before dominating the weather today and into the weekend. Heavy wet snow fell in a wide swath from New York City north and west into southern Quebec and Ontario. Numerous roads were closed with many accidents on both sides of the border. In the last 3 days Montreal has had close to 30cm of wet snow, including 8cm yesterday. The heavy wet snow made last evenings rush hour challenging in the city. It was driven around by the increasing northeast winds. Winds will very slowly drop below warning criteria this morning, but remain high well into the evening. Radar is dry at the moment except for a few flurries over the city. Look for snow to increase in coverage from the south again later this afternoon for Montreal with another 5cm expected along with blowing snow tonight. Temperatures in Montreal will peak at 2C this morning and then slowly drop to 0C for the next day or so. Travel with great care today especially west into Ontario and south into New York. This storm hammered the northeast and New England with heavy wet snow, flooding rains, hurricane force winds and huge waves along the coast.
Some Stats:
Highest Winds: Mt. Washington, NH 119mph, Salem, MA 77mph, Quebec City 60mph, Montreal 50mph.

Snow: Randolf, NH 24" (60cm), Montreal 12" (30cm)

Pressure: Martha's Vineyard, Mass near the center of the storm 975mb, by comparison Montreal also a very low 992mb.

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