Saturday, February 27, 2010

3.9 Quake in Montreal region

USGS Map of the tremor

Within the last hour, as I was sitting down watching the bronze medal hockey game, a low rumble resembling that of a jet engine roared through the house in a wave of energy. On a day that has seen several major earthquakes around the world, the Ottawa Valley into the metro Montreal region was rattled by a 3.9 magnitude quake at 22:52 eastern time. The quake was centered near Lachute, Quebec on the Ottawa River about 45km northwest of my location. Earthquake Canada said the quake was felt, but there are no immediate reports of any damage. Meanwhile in Chile the death toll is over 300 from the 8.8 quake this morning. Other quakes have occurred today in northern California, Oklahoma and Japan among others.

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Rabih said...

Actually we felt it too in the old port of Montreal. Thanks for the info!