Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The next big storm

Interstate 95 on Sunday

Windsor, Ontario this afternoon is down to 1km visibility in snow and blowing snow with 15-25cm expected. They will be the only region along with the immediate Lake Erie shoreline in Ontario and Quebec to be affected by the latest winter storm. This storm comes rapidly on the heels of this past weekends record breaking blizzard. Some streets have yet to be plowed across the middle Atlantic and airports were just getting back to normal. Power remains out in many locations as this next storm bears down on the region. Snow is expected from Virginia's eastern shore across the DC metro area and northward into New York and southern New England. With a track further north, New York City will be affected this time with up to 30cm expected. Travel once again in the busy northeast corridor will be severely impacted just as it was returning to normal. Coastal areas will have a mix of precipitation, but will, have to deal with high surf and strong winds. The storm is expected to move towards Atlantic Canada by Thursday. Winter Storm Watches at this point are in effect towards Boston.

We are not expecting any snow or weather from this system as the snow drought in Montreal continues. So far in February Montreal has recorded only 2cm of snow or less than 1 inch. On average we should have over 45cm for the month.

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