Saturday, February 06, 2010

Massive southern storm

Heavy wind whipped wet snow along the Jersey Shore in Ocean City last night.

Low pressure continues to deepen east of the Outer Banks this morning. Strong winds and heavy wet snow have been falling in a narrow band from northern North Carolina across Virginia and Maryland through DC and into Delaware and southern New Jersey. As of this morning over a foot had fallen in many locations with upwards of 2 feet forecast. Winds have been gusting over 40mph across the region as well making it nearly impossible to travel. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The wet snow has brought down trees and power lines as well, with thousands in the dark with no heat. The snow will extend no further north than New York City. The main area of low pressure will move well south of Long Island today. Last night blizzard warnings were in effect along the Delmarva while just to the south on the Outer Banks a tornado watch was in effect. This shows the tremendous dynamics involved with this storm and just how powerful it is.

Our weather in comparison, is well, boring and has been really all winter. Today sunny and chilly with a high around -9C. A few more clouds and maybe a flurrie possible in Montreal tomorrow. There are some indications that the next storm, currently over California may take a path further north and affect New England by late Wednesday. Little or no mention of this in the Canadian forecast. We will have to look at later computer model runs to nail down the exact track and strength.

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