Friday, February 05, 2010

Middle Atlantic storm

Surface high pressure will dominate the weather across Ontario and Quebec throughout the weekend with sunshine and seasonable temperatures. There is just a slight risk of some clouds and flurries from a strengthening east coast storm late Sunday across Quebec.

Meanwhile that storm will become a powerhouse with heavy snow and blizzard conditions from New Jersey across Delaware and into Maryland and northern Virginia. This area has had more snow than Montreal, and will add another 18-24 inches with strong winds. Coastal flooding will compound the snow along the Jersey and Delaware coasts. If I had the time I know where I would be this weekend!

The storm is forecast to dump heavy rain south of that line into the Carolinas and Georgia. Further south in Superbowl and NASCAR land the weather looks ideal in Miami and Daytona, sunny and mild.

Travel will become impossible in many places including Jersey City, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore beginning today. Many flights have been cancelled already. The snow will spread north into New York City Saturday but remain well south of our region and northern New England as the storm slides out to sea well south of Long Island.

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