Friday, February 19, 2010

Surprise Snowfall

After a long break, the plows were out across the Island and
here in Beaconsfield this morning. ValleyWX Pic

Who knew that all we had to do to get snow here in Montreal was talk about how little has fallen in February. As expected a frontal trough of low pressure pinwheeled its way from the northeast around strong low pressure in Atlantic Canada. What was not expected was the level of enhancement as the trough crossed our region. Steady snow began last night and has just started to taper off this morning. Officially at the airport close to 6cm has fallen or double our monthly snowfall to date. There was even more off island to the southwest where I estimated 7 or more centimetres when I left the house at 6:30 this morning. The wind and "fluff factor" added to the snow depth. I expect close to 10cm may be the final tally in many regions again especially off island to the south and west, along with blowing snow as winds increase out of the northwest from 30-50km/h. Travel is slow this morning with rush hour resembling that of the first snowfall of the season and not a February snow. The weekend will be cloudy and fairly mild with a good chance of flurries. Next week looks interesting with several storms possibly affecting the region with snow. I will post more on that later today. For the moment if you are travelling allow extra time as roads are snow covered and visibility is lowered.

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