Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some snow

Sorry folks, every now and then work and life get in the way of weather, and I hate it when that happens. In this case it was work and perhaps a little thing called the Daytona 500 that lasted 7 hours this past Sunday. In any event the weather continues to be tranquil if not downright boring across our region. Low pressure is racing across the Ohio Valley and off the east coast today with up to 15cm of snow along its path. The bulk of the moisture will stay to our south. The storm will intensify off the east coast tonight and dump steady snow cross New England and into Atlantic Canada. Again most of the moisture will stay south and east of Montreal with just a centimetre or two expected. This may bring our monthly snowfall up to a whopping 4cm...unreal!

Temperatures will continue to be very mild for February running close to the freezing point and no colder than -5C at night. The mild and dull trend will last well into this upcoming weekend. Our snow has dwindled down to a few inches scattered about, and most of it is icy and dirty. The snow is not very good for outdoor activities. We could use some new powder.

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