Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Drought

The sun rises this morning on low pressure spinning over Newfoundland.

This may be one of the dullest weather periods in my 25 plus years of tracking weather. Just how dull has it been? Day after day of partly cloudy skies with a flurrie or two and moderate temperatures has left us with just 2.8cm of snow for the month of February. Records will be broken if that value holds. It is neither cold nor warm, there has been day after day of stagnant air with very little "weather" to speak of. I hate that term, "no weather" I don't like it when it is used, but really February has been nearly void of active weather in Montreal. This morning low pressure is spinning over Newfoundland and sending a trough over the region. Winds will increase from the northwest and gust to 50km/h with a couple of centimetres of snow overnight tonight and into Friday morning. It will remain unsettled but mild with flurries through the weekend.

A quick comparison between Baltimore and Montreal for snowfall this season. (Baltimore is in brackets) For February: Montreal 2.8cm, Baltimore (125 cm), January: 44.8cm (6cm), December 56.4cm (58cm) and November 5.4cm (0cm). Despite the slow start for Baltimore they win hands down.

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