Monday, March 01, 2010

In like a lamb

That old March saying is once again upon us "In like a Lamb, out like a Lion"

Well it appears lamb-like across our region today. Low pressure once again along the east coast will provide steady snow and rain from New York City and Boston into Maine and the Maratimes. It will spare our area with the exception of a few showers or flurries and some gusty northwest winds. A few centimetres may accumulate near the US border and into Vermont. Skies will clear out very slowly on Tuesday and high pressure will take over and dominate the weather for the balance of the week with sunny skies and very mild temperatures. Overnight lows will be in the -5 to -8C range with daytime highs in the warm March sun soaring to between 4 and 6C on the plus side. Ice and snow will begin to melt quickly so keep that in mind when venturing near area waterways. Also make sure that drains and catch basins are free of snow and ice so that the winter can flow freely away!

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