Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Record Warmth

Record high temperatures were scattered across the region yesterday including 13.1C in Montreal and 15C in Ottawa, both well above the normal high of 2C for mid-March. It was 14.4C in Kemptville, ON and even 20C in Calgary for the warm spot in the country. High pressure will dominate our weather again today with the early spring sun pushing the mercury to 15C. A weak cold front tonight will bring a few clouds and maybe a sprinkle. It will be sunny and a little cooler Thursday before low pressure heads for the St. Lawrence Valley this weekend with clouds and showers. At this time it still appears that the temperature will come back to normal next week with the chance of some snow or rain. The warm weather has resulted in a rapid melting of all the snow pack. That combined with the weekend rains is producing fast, cold and high running water on area rivers, streams and lakes. Be very careful on or near any ice or water for the time being.

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