Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New England Flooding

Rapid snow melt and heavy rain produced flooding across New England. Below: heavy surf damaged this home on Plum Island, Mass. (Boston.com photos)

Flooding spread across metro New York and New Jersey into Connecticut and Massachusetts yesterday and continues this morning. Numerous rivers are at record flood stage including the Merrimack River along the New Hampshire border with Massachusetts. Heavy rain and rapid snow melt have combined to produce what many had feared after this winters heavy snow, a rapid melt. Thankfully the storm that caused over 5 inches of rain and wind damage is moving into the Atlantic Ocean this morning. Skies are clearing out in all regions, and it will be sunny and warm for several days to help dry things out.

The next chance for rain in Montreal will come later this week. While it remains mild, and today is the official day in Quebec that you can remove snow tires, my advice would be to wait. Indications are there will be a major shift in the weather pattern the last week of March that could produce some snow in southern Quebec and Ontario. Stay Tuned! For the short term enjoy the sunshine and 14C weather today and Wednesday.

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