Monday, March 15, 2010

Worst storm since 1985

Damage in Scarsdale, NY. (NY Times Photo)

The storm that swept the metro New York region this weekend was the worst since hurricane Gloria in 1985. Winds of over 70mph tore down thousands of trees, crushing cars, homes and in some cases people. The storm left almost a half a million customers without power. This morning over 300,000 are still in the dark in metro New York, including Long Island, southwest Connecticut and New Jersey. In addition to the wind, coastal flooding and heavy rain has left many regions under water. Nearly 5 inches of rain fell with rivers still rising. Some evacuations will be needed especially in Massachusetts.

Montreal remained on the western edge of the storm with 50km/h winds (30mph) and about 18mm of rain or about 3/4 inch. In Montreal the sun is shinning this morning and it will be a fair and mild work week. Most of our snow is now gone with the exception of some dirty piles in parking lots.

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