Sunday, March 14, 2010

Storm Update

Brooklyn, NY from the New York Times

As of 8am EDT this morning, a strong storm continues to spin off the Delaware coast. Abundant moisture and strong winds are feeding inland across New York, eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. The temperature in Montreal has been falling since late afternoon Saturday, and we are now at 1C with a rain/snow mix and northeast winds at 50km/h. The rain and cold temperatures with gusty winds will continue all day in the St. Lawrence Valley. Further south snow is accumulating across the highest elevations of the Green Mountains, so a winter storm warning has been posted for 4 to 7 inches of wet snow in that region. Coastal areas continue to see flooding and pounding waves. Flooding is also occurring across southern New England and western New York. Travel today with great care as roads are wet and in some cases snow is falling.

Of note the death toll is at 5 from falling trees in the New York metro region. Power remains out to hundreds of thousands across the tri-state region. Highways are closed from flooding and trees are down everywhere, too many to count.

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