Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A little cooler

After a splendid weekend that featured abundant sunshine and temperatures at least 10 degrees above normal for Thanksgiving, it is back to reality this week, albeit slowly. A back door cold front spread some clouds yesterday across southern Quebec in the morning and eastern Ontario during the afternoon hours. That did little to affect the temperatures yesterday as once again most regions were at least 22C with several areas up to 24C and higher. Ottawa reached 24C and Toronto 26C. This morning we have noticeably cooler air in place at only 8C to start the day, even cooler in outlying regions away from water and the metro areas. Some fog has formed as well in response to the longer and cooler nights. It will be sunny again today and mild at 18C. Then the stage is set for a long period of poor weather with lowering temperatures.

Low pressure on the Florida coast this morning that produced heavy rain this weekend along with strong winds will slowly move northeast into Georgia and the Carolinas. The system, which really should have been named, will begin to affect southern Quebec and New England by Thursday and into the weekend with showers at first and then a steady rain and increasing winds. Temperatures will also fall to at or below normal by Saturday.

HURRICANE JOVA: One other important note this morning - Hurricane Jova, a major category 3 hurricane with 115mph is heading towards the southwest Mexican coast today. Jova is moving northeast at 6mph, about 130 miles southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. Normally hurricanes on the Pacific side of Mexico turn towards the west and begin to weaken over open waters. This storm is responding to a low pressure trough to the north and is moving east towards the coast. Landfall is expected today with high surf, flash floods and strong winds. Warnings are in place, and evacuations have been ordered. This will become a big weather story over the next 48 hours as flash flooding rains spread inland into central and northern Mexico and perhaps the US southwest.

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