Monday, October 24, 2011

Snow this week?

There has been lots of chatter about a possible snowfall later this week. I was going to write about it on the weekend but I thought I would let the hype settle down a little. First of all it is only snow, it happens every year. Secondly I don't think it will amount to to much. We start things off this week with bright sunshine and fairly mild temperatures today. It is chilly at the moment with 4C in Montreal but should warm nicely under the sunshine and a southwest flow today to 16C. A cold front approaching from the west will trigger showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder this evening until about midnight. That will be followed by gusty northwest winds up to 50km/h and cloudy skies into Tuesday with cooler temperatures in the 10C range.

The next threat for precipitation will come late Thursday as low pressure organizes in the southern US and heads for the Eastern seaboard. Depending on the exact path of the system we could see a rain/snow mix overnight into Friday morning. At this time the heaviest snow would be across the upper elevations of New York and Vermont and perhaps the Townships. But the possibility does exist for even a slushy accumulation on some surfaces in the valley. There is lots of uncertainty in the forecast so we will have to wait and see, stay tuned for more.

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