Saturday, October 15, 2011

Strong Winds

Strong winds whip up waves on Lake Erie yesterday
(AccuWeather Photo)

8pm update: High Wind Warning in effect for Montreal and the St. Lawrence Valley. Winds are increasing from the southwest between 50-90km/h until about 4am when they should start to diminish. The strongest winds are still to our west with gusts reported at 94km/h at Point Petre on Lake Ontario, 80km/h at Kingston, 67km/h at Toronto and 46km/h at Montreal with higher gusts off island. Radar is also showing an area of steady rain heading into southwestern Quebec at 8pm. Temperatures are chilly between 9 and 11C.

A deepening area of low pressure in central Ontario continues to spin towards the northeast this morning. The storm has sent a strong cold front across eastern Ontario and southern Quebec with showers and thunderstorms into the overnight hours. Close to 40mm of rain fell here on Ile Perrot in the last 24 hours with more falling this morning. The difference today is it is a cold rain as we are only at 11C on the backside of the cold front. Adding to the misery today are strong southwest winds blowing at 50km/h in Montreal and stronger in Ontario. Gusts have been observed close to 80km/h. Wind warnings are posted for portion of Ontario closest to the lakes. In audition a wind advisory is in effect for northern New York. Winds in the warned areas could approach 90km/h while elsewhere they may be as high as 70km/h. The winds will ease after midnight tonight. Winds this strong are capable of downing tree limbs and power lines. Also take note that lots of leaves are falling off the trees this weekend. Wet leaves can make roads slick and also block sewers and rain gutters. Temperatures will do no better than the norm for this time of year, around 13C and overnight lows around 9C. There is a slim chance for a sunny break or two Sunday.

Looking ahead another big wet and windy fall storm could affect the area by Wednesday. Stay tuned for more on that.

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