Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unsettled weather

I must apologize for the lack of weather updates lately. We have a new 22 pound bundle of joy known as Bella, our Terrier. She has my schedule a little upside down these days. She loves to chase leaves, and with only a small percent down in our neighborhood, she has lots of work ahead of her. That will start as early as this weekend and continue into next week as two windy and progressively colder low pressure areas finally make it feel like October. Montreal temperatures, and indeed most of Quebec and Ontario, have been running well above normal, and in some cases double the normal. Our dry weather patter that started on October 3rd, has come to an end this morning as rain showers are moving across the valley. A warm front will lift north of Montreal today with mild and perhaps partly cloudy weather through mid-day Friday. A gusty cold front will then produce some heavier showers and perhaps thunder into Friday evening. The weekend looks very unsettled with much cooler weather and winds gusting up to 50km/h. Looks like lost of leaves blowing in the air for Bella.

Next week another strong low pressure area will produce more rain and wind. On the back side of this next storm some areas around the Great Lakes and upper elevations in Quebec and New York/Vermont could even see a period of wet snow. More on that later.

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