Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Strong winds...again

We have a strong low pressure area packed with tropical moisture taking shape over Kentucky this morning. The storm will lift north in southern and eastern Ontario over the next 24 to 36 hours. After another cloudy day in Montreal today, look for rain to overspread the area from south to north overnight and Thursday. The rain will be the heaviest west of the storm center over Ontario. Heavy rainfall warnings are in effect for southwest Ontario where up to 50mm is forecast. Less will fall in Montreal with about 25mm expected. The bigger story here in the St. Lawrence Valley will be the strong northeast winds. They will increase to between 30 and 50km/h today and further intensify to 50 to 80km/h tonight, just below warning criteria. Meanwhile around Quebec City and along the north shore of Lake Ontario, winds will exceed 90km/h therefore a high wind warning is in effect. The entire system will move northeast of the forecast area by Friday with a blustery wind and cooler temperatures expected into the weekend. Our high today will reach 13C, with milder air in the rain on Thursday at 18C before a cool down Friday and into the weekend around 10C.

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