Monday, October 03, 2011

Ophelia in Newfoundland

Ophelia rapidly crossing Newfoundland this morning.

Ophelia continues to be torn apart this morning by strong wind shear and very cold 13C waters off the coast of Newfoundland. The storm has become post tropical with winds spreading out from the center, however the strongest winds remain offshore south and east of the center. That being said it is still windy on the Avalon this morning. Ophelia is rapidly moving northeast at 65km/h with 110km/h winds. So far Sagona Island has reported a gust to 83km/h with Cape Race at 78km/h and St John's at 65km/h. Waves are pounding the coastal areas in both Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. A surge of 1 to 2 feet is possible in bays and harbours along the Avalon this morning with seas building to 5 to 7 metres. Rainfall will only last 4 to 6 hours but could produce 75mm locally. Winds and seas will slowly subside later today.

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