Monday, October 17, 2011

Unsettled week ahead

The wind keeps blowing this morning over southern Quebec, however at much lighter speeds in the 40km/h range. Peak gusts were close to 100km/h over portions of Ontario and Quebec over the weekend, somewhat less in Montreal gusting close to 70km/h at times. Very little in the way of damage was reported here, except for some torn umbrellas and lots and lots of leaves littering the ground. In one week we went from green and yellow leaves to bursts of red to trees stripped bare. The culprit for our weekend weather is a rather stagnant spin of low pressure located near James Bay. This storm will continue to provide gusty southwest winds today with periods of clouds and a stray shower or two. It should ease tomorrow with a few breaks before our next system moves in.

Much stronger low pressure will organize in the deep south with the help of Gulf of Mexico moisture. That plume of moisture will lift into the northeast and New England by Thursday with another round of soaking rain. Early estimates have at least 25mm falling and the possibility exists for as much as 75mm especially across Ontario and New York. Winds will get ramped up again in the 40-60km/h range. On the backside of the storm, snow is even possible across the western Great Lakes. Montreal and our entire area will remain on the warm side of this storm so no snow expected yet.

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