Friday, December 25, 2009

Freezing Rain Warning

Steady freezing rain is expected to move into the St. Lawrence Valley overnight and move northeast towards Montreal by noon Boxing Day. Low pressure over Iowa has an occluded front draped to a developing second area of low pressure along the east coast. The combination of both these storms will produce moisture that is falling into the cold air at the surface. Freezing rain is expected to be most prolonged in the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Valley's where 5-15mm of ice accretion is possible. Winds will be gusting out of the northeast from 30-50km/h keeping temperatures at or below 0C. The freezing rain will last well into the evening on Saturday. Travel will become difficult on Saturday and power outages may be possible as well. Freezing Rain Warnings are in effect for southwestern Quebec and Eastern Ontario with a Winter Storm Warning in place for the US side of the St. Lawrence Valley.

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Andy said...

Hi SB - I thouroghly enjoy your weekly forcasts - please help yourself to any of these pics I posted to my flickr account. Taken today (boxing day) in Merrickville.