Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Heavy Rain

Snow and cold temper spirits in downtown Regina yesterday.

Low pressure deepening over the Gulf states is expected to lift north across upstate New York over the next 24 hours. The inland track of this storm will guarantee Quebec and eastern Ontario mild air and rain. Today should be sunny and mild with high temperatures around 5C. Clouds will rapidly thicken tonight, and the rain should begin by midnight. Mild air tomorrow will push temperatures to near 10C with a steady rain all day. Indications are that 25-35mm will fall. It will be windy with gusts over 60km/h expected. This would have been a great first snowstorm!

Winter is settling into portions of the country. It has turned sharply colder across the west with snow falling from Calgary eastward towards Winnipeg. Some parts of southeastern Saskatchewan had 15-20cm yesterday, and it was blown around by cold northwest winds over 50km/h. It is bitterly cold this morning with reading in the -10C to -20C range in Alberta and Saskatchewan, including -20C at Stony Rapids. That arctic air mass will move east but modify as it moves into Ontario and Quebec. Temperatures will cool significantly this weekend with flurries possible, especially around the great Lakes. Low temperatures will be in the -7C range with highs staying below freezing at -1C.

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