Friday, December 04, 2009

Snow in Houston

Interstate 10 in Houston, Texas today.

Quite the weather event taking place today across the deep south. Snow has been falling in the Houston metro area most of the day with a couple of inches of slushy accumulation reported. Winter weather advisories are in effect and freezing temperatures are expected right down to the Gulf of Mexico. When I checked about an hour ago Galveston was actually colder than Montreal with a reading of 2C and light snow.

The winter weather is being caused by an upper level low that is expected to lift northeast from the gulf states towards Cape Hatteras. Snow will spread across the deep south tonight and northward into the middle Atlantic and southern New England. This will be a coastal event with very little effect here in Montreal. Some light snow may spread into southern Vermont. Nova Scotia has posted winter storm watches for their province. Depending on the exact track of the low pressure, 15-25cm of snow could fall.

Southern Saskatchewan and Alberta are bracing for blizzard conditions tonight as cold air pours into that region. 10-15cm of snow with winds up to 70km/h is expected to produce dangerous travel and zero visibility. As the cold air moves south and east we can expect temperatures to gradually lower in Quebec and Ontario as well over the weekend. It will be a slow process. Snow may affect our region by next Wednesday as another storm lifts out of the US towards the Great Lakes. Speaking of the lakes, snow is falling around them in western New York and central Ontario today. Some portions of upper Michigan saw over a foot of snow yesterday.

Of Note: Houston has had more snowfall than Burlington, Vermont this year to date!

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