Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

What has been a challenging year for so many, comes to an end tonight under partly cloudy skies and scattered flurries in Montreal. I wish everyone a healthy and happy start to 2010, a new year and a new decade. Be safe and please be good to each other...

Environment Canada has put out its annual list of the top 10 weather events for the past year. You can read them HERE.

That storm system moving from the deep south towards Nova Scotia is becoming a real pain. Computer models have been all over the place with the forecast for this upcoming weekend. It will snow everywhere from the Ontario/Quebec border south and east. There is the potential for lots of snow in many areas, but where? Well that keeps changing with every model run. My best guess here, reading the area forecast discussions, is that we will have one of those long drawn out snow events lasting from New Years Day well into early next week. Montreal will remain on the western edge of a deepening storm that will move from Nova Scotia back inland across Maine and finally back out to sea. To complicate the forecast even more some models are predicting a warm front to usher in mild maritime air changing some of the precipitation to rain. As a matter of fact the high temperature forecast for Montreal by Environment Canada for Sunday is plus 5C, while the National Weather Service is forecasting highs below freezing for the same area. Whew! Ok so light snow all weekend. Roads will be slippery and snow covered and winds will be increasing from the north during the period. There is the chance for more than 10cm of snow and blowing snow by the end of the weekend. The storm will be far more intense from Quebec City eastward towards the Gaspe if your travels take you there. The forecast is very fluid so check back here often and prepare for winter weather if travelling.

Happy New Year!

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