Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dangerous Windchills

Snow and blowing snow ushered in arctic cold this evening in Montreal. SB Pic

The temperature has been free falling since 4pm when it was a reasonably mild -4C to the current reading of -11C. It was roughly at that time that the arctic cold front crossed the Montreal region with heavy snow and winds approaching 70km/h. The sudden snow and low visibility sent numerous cars into ditches and caused a traffic nightmare for the evening rush hour. The snow added about 30 minutes to my commute. The snow is over and the cold is settling in on strong northwest winds that will gust over 50km/h for the next 24 hours at least. This, combined with the biting cold, down around -18C tonight and not much better than -16C on Friday, will produce wind chill values below -30C. Windchill warnings are in effect across large areas of eastern and central Ontario as well as portions of Quebec, New York and Vermont. The wind should ease by Saturday but it will remain very cold. The gusty winds are still producing blowing snow across open areas south and west of the metro region.

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