Wednesday, January 06, 2010

January blues

Above: This was a gift at Christmas titled "Fenway Blues" so true.
Below: My favorite puppy models here latest outfit. I don't think she is too impressed!

For someone who loves sunshine and plus 27C weather, I find the cold, short and dark days of January so difficult. I long for Red Sox baseball, shorts, bike rides and mowing the lawn over shoveling snow. But in a cruel twist of fate here in Quebec, and the rest of Canada we begin our coldest, darkest time of the year with no holidays in sight until Easter! We need a February holiday like they have in Ontario now. Anyway what can you do...that is life up north. At least we have the Olympics and my hopes for gold in hockey *not silver - no pressure at all!

It remains cloudy in our region due to that big low pressure area over the north Atlantic. The storm will continue to send moist unstable air down the St. Lawrence Valley producing more light snow in spots and perhaps a shot or two of freezing drizzle. Steady freezing drizzle during last nights rush hour here in Montreal, made the drive home a little challenging. The storm total by the way for the weekend system was 24.5cm for Montreal. We could see another 1 or 2cm over the next 24 to 36 hours, with a slight chance of 1 or 2cm on Friday.

The balance of the week will be damp and chilly with sunshine finally by Saturday. It will turn colder over the weekend, but the sun will be most welcome. Daytime highs of -2 to -5C will drop to -7 to -11C by the weekend.

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