Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunshine on the way

Heavy rain and snow caused mudslides,
power failures and evacuations in California. AP Photo

High pressure will bring us a steady period of sunny and cool weather from Thursday through Saturday. We have one more day left of low clouds, fog, flurries and some freezing drizzle today as a low pressure trough moves east of our region. Temperatures will be mild again today near 0C and slightly cooler through the weekend, but still above normal. Our next storm system will move from the California coast into the Great lakes on Sunday. Strong south winds ahead of the storm should push temperatures above freezing late Sunday with snow changing to rain across the region. Early estimates are for 15-25mm of precipitation with strong winds. This system bears watching for any possible change in track and precipitation type.

California is being walloped by three major storms this week. The third one has been a doozie with high surf and winds over 100mph. Heavy precipitation has caused flooding and mudslides with copious amounts of snow in the inland mountains of the southwest. Evacuations have been ordered as a result of flooding and many roads have been closed. Power outages have spread across the LA area and inland. There was even a brief and rare tornado yesterday afternoon along the coast southwest of downtown Los Angeles.

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Jane said...

Boy Steven I hope your right about some sun coming our way; I,m in the need of sunshine. Thank goodness for vitamin D.