Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rain moving in

Cirrus clouds veil the sun just west of Ingleside, Ontario along the frozen St. Lawrence Seaway this afternoon. Freezing rain is moving into the area at this time. This chip wagon is begging for some sun and warmth, and I could have used a fry!

Radar is showing the leading edge of precipitation currently moving along a line from Ottawa to Kingston as it presses northeast. I expect the precipitation to move into Montreal by 10pm. Temperatures are still below freezing from Brockville northeast towards Ottawa and Montreal and points north. Freezing rain will occur at the onset and deposit 2-4mm of ice before the changeover to steady rain occurs. Between 30-50mm of rain is possible in Montreal and most of southern Quebec into New York and Vermont. Heavy Rain Warnings are in effect along with Freezing Rain Warnings for Ottawa, Cornwall and the Laurentians north of Montreal. A Flood Watch is posted for all of northern NY and Vermont. Winds will increase as well and reach speeds of 50-70km/h overnight first out of the east, then the south. It will warm to 7C by Monday morning. Travel with great care this evening especially north and east of Montreal.

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