Monday, January 11, 2010

A few flurries

The weather appears to be settling down somewhat across North America with a moderation in temperatures and no big storms around. A couple of very weak frontal systems will give Ontario and Quebec a few flurries today and again Wednesday. The system on Wednesday may have a very brief period of steady snow. Otherwise conditions look a touch milder than last week, but it will remain below freezing. The harsh cold that has gripped the deep southern US will begin to ease this week. The cold sent subzero readings all the way into Florida. The freeze caused millions in losses in agriculture. It was cold enough for sleet and snow in Daytona Beach on Saturday morning. This morning another hard freeze is occurring in central and northern Florida. Jacksonville has the same temperature as Montreal this hour, both at -5C. Daytona Beach is -1C. Temperatures should begin to moderate this week, but not before one more night below freezing tonight. The cold and ice has also caused hundreds of accidents across the south and Midwest and is responsible for at least nine deaths.

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