Friday, January 29, 2010

Arctic chill

Bundle up venturing anywhere out of doors for the next 24 hours. It is currently -18C in Montreal with a west wind at 28 gusting to 46 km/h and a windchill of -30C. Ottawa is even colder at -21C and a windchill of -33C. Some of the 6cm of snow that fell yesterday continues to blow around making travel icy and slow at best. Conditions will not improve today with cold temperatures and strong winds. The winds will ease a little tonight but it will be very cold down below -23C in many regions. Saturday will be sunny and cold before a milder Sunday in advance of another cold front approaching the region. Some light snow will occur again along that front before another shot of very cold air to begin next week. It looks like all of next week will be very chilly for early February. Wind chill warnings are posted in New York and Vermont today. There are no warnings on this side of the border but really we are splitting hairs. The criteria for dangerous wind chills is at or below -40C. But at -33C you are not going to know the difference, it is bloody cold out there!

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