Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Thaw?

Could our January thaw be in sight? It will be cold today, with temperature staying very close to where they are now (-12C). Skies will clear out slowly and it it will be a frigid night with low temperatures in the region around -20C. That will be the last arctic night for some time. Patterns are beginning to change to a more typical El Nino winter. Mild pacific air is establishing itself across the west, and that will move rapidly eastward into the Midwest and eventually the east coast. The main storm track will remain well to our south from California towards the Carolinas and out to sea. This will likely mean a warming trend beginning tomorrow and lasting well into next week. As a matter of fact we should go above freezing by Friday. This would be the first day above 0C since Boxing Day and prior to that late November. A few snow showers will occur tomorrow with the arrival of the warmer air.

Next week is looking quite mild as well with more above freezing weather expected. Over the weekend here in the Montreal region two snowmobilers, a father and his young son drowned in the Lake of Two Mountains after they went through the ice late Sunday. Remember please stay off area lakes and rivers. The ice is very changeable this winter with a late and fast freeze with lots of snow and now milder weather coming. This was not a good scenario for thick, hard ice. Play it safe and stay on marked trails or off the water all together. More safety information can be found at this like HERE.

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