Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Typical El Nino pattern

We are really starting to see an El Nino pattern develop across North America. El Nino is (in a very simple explanation) the abnormal warming of the Pacific Ocean waters along the South American coast. It develops in varying intensities over the years and can greatly affect the weather patterns around the world. In Canada it basically means a more mild and zonal weather pattern with the cold air remaining far to our north and the storm track far to our south. A typical January with El Nino in Montreal is mild, dull with little sunshine and lots of moist air creating freezing rain, drizzle or light snow...check, check and check.

El Nino patterns also deliver punishing storms to the California coast. Such will be the case this week as a series of storms will produce significant weather in that state. Read about the amazing weather that is expected HERE.

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