Friday, January 15, 2010

Icy start

Making the roads safe in Beaconsfield this morning. SB Pic

With the temperature above freezing, or so I thought (at least on my thermometer), I stepped out onto my driveway and swoosh or more like a bang, down I went. It seems that light drizzle is freezing on pavement this morning with the area just at the ground level still below the 0C point. The very thin layer of ice is making it very dangerous walking and driving as well. Numerous accidents were reported along the 15 north of Montreal. The drizzle should ease later today as the temperature nudges above freezing in all areas. The weekend will remain damp and unsettled but mild. Light drizzle, fog or even a few flurries is possible at any time. I don't expect much sunshine.

The federal government in Canada will match all donations to the Red Cross and other organizations for Haiti quake relief. Please give today. Use the link on the upper left.

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